A 2015 Wedding Photography Question List for Hiring the Best Wedding Photographer

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A 2015 Wedding Photography Question List for Hiring the Best Wedding Photographer

For your big day you want the best photographer there is. You want to hire someone who’s professional and reliable. You also need him/her to be easy to work with and have the artistic flair to create a magnificent collection of wedding memories.

The list below will help you find the most competent, professional photographer and it will ensure you both agree on every detail to avoid misunderstandings on the day and have a result both will be proud of.

Run a Background Check

  • How long have you been a wedding photographer?
  • How many weddings have you photographed this year?
  • Can I see photographs from the last three weddings you photographed?
  • Do you work alone or have assistants? Who’s going to be the photographer in mine?
  • Can I talk with a past client?

These questions will give you a clear idea of his experience, professionalism as well as a real taste of his work.
It’s a crucial first step for Sydney wedding photography. It will make sure you distinguish the professionals from the amateurs and hire the most capable of all photographers in Sydney.

Photography Style

  • How would you describe your wedding photography style? Does it fall under traditional, artistic, photo journalistic, editorial, modern classic style or something else entirely?

If unsure what his style is, ask him/her to explain what it entails in terms of posing, props, and time. Now, once you settle on your wedding style and know he/she can do it ask to see a wedding portfolio of a wedding that matches in style, size, and budget your own for an idea of what to expect.

  • How do you feel about me giving you a short shot list?

It is possible that a wedding photographer in Sydney might feel offended if you hand down a list of shots. Others welcome such initiatives and even ask you what shots do you need. So go ahead and ask!

Just remember, to keep it short. The longer your shot list, the more unfeasible budget and time wise it will be to create them.

  • Why would I choose you for my big day?

You want to know who you’re making responsible for one of your wedding’s most important aspects. What makes this photographer distinct? What’s so special about his wedding photography Sydney package? Has he shot any important weddings?

Wedding Photography Package

  • What your wedding photography package includes?

For instance, is post-processing included? What about CD production and copies for your loved ones? Are travel expenses in the package? If he can offer you a checklist along with a contract, that’s even better.

  • What If I don’t need all of these offerings? Can I customize my package?
  • How many photos do I get?
  • How much do you charge for extras and what is considered an extra for you?
  • When will my albums be ready and in what form?
  • Tell me about your back up plan. What are you going to do if your primary camera breaks down? How would I know your equipment is robust and high quality?
  • Do you mind if other people take photos during the ceremony and party later?
  • For how long will you shoot? What if my wedding party lasts longer? Are there additional fee charges?

A professional wedding photographer in Sydney will be honest about these questions, so don’t hesitate to ask!

The Wedding Nitty-gritty

  • Describe me the usual process you’ll follow on my wedding day.
  • This will let you know his schedule and give you an idea of his efficiency.
  • Do you welcome instructions or requests from the couple and their friends, or do you take full charge of the shots and decline all demands?
  • Who’s photographing my wedding?
  • In case this was not made clear by this point, ensure he/she will be the primary photographer. If they have
  • assistants, ask to meet them in person and run this checklist with them too.
  • What happens if you‘re really sick on the day? What happens if our outdoor wedding is interrupted by rain?

Inexperienced wedding photographers in Sydney, won’t be able to answer this question. Knowing your photographer has the preparedness level, and nerve to handle such circumstances means you can rely on him/her.

There are hundreds of Sydney photographers. This question list will allow you to find the one that can meet your demands and wedding expectations. So shoot away!